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1.European Unity - Erasmus, Community Projects, European-wide Projects, Council of Europe & European Identity;

2.Culture - Festivals, Exhibitions, Cultural Institutions, European cities, & Tourism;

3.Human Rights - Human Rights Violations Within and Outside Europe, Commentary of European & EU Institutions towards the State of HR in other Countries;

4.International Affairs - External Action of the EU, Migration.

We founded ‘United Citizens of Europe’ to promote awareness of European affairs, enhance transparency in European institutions, foster a sense of belonging and Europeanness, and provide a platform for discussion, debate, and exchange of ideas.

We are all passionate about European and international affairs and would like to share this passion with like-minded, young individuals, students, and professionals. Each of us has a different background - socially, culturally, geographically, linguistically- which defines the diversity that ‘United Citizens of Europe’ actively promotes.


The concept and definition of Europe that we support and represent as United Citizens of Europe is not confined to the EU. We actively acknowledge the restriction of the term ‘Citizens,’ but we support a multicultural, diverse and inclusive Europe.








Hannah Bludau manages our articles and written contributions. Hannah holds an Erasmus Mundus Master of Arts degree. After growing up near Boston, Massachusetts, Hannah moved to Germany for her studies in 2014 and has lived in numerous European countries ever since. Hannah speaks English, German, French fluently and basic Chinese. 

Luca De Cristofaro manages the podcast. He's an Italian-Brazilian guy trying to understand how the world works. He grew up bilingual, speaking Italian and Portuguese (Brazilian) at home and he learned English, Spanish and French at school.  Luca holds a BA in International Relations and an EMJMD in European Studies. He is a Model United Nations lover, as it sums up his interests in diplomacy, international cooperation and human rights.


Anton Meshkov does the design here. Throughout his MA studies, Anton explored the connections between culture and politics. In his home country, Russia, Anton acquired a BA in Middle Eastern studies with a focus on Arabic culture and its connections to Europe. Anton is an alumnus of the Iowa University writing program.

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