Permanent collaborations

Giovanna Belisario is a Brazilian student with an Italian background. She graduated in International Relations at PUC-Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and is now doing a Master's degree in European Studies and Global Challenges at Maastricht University. She speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, and a bit of German, Dutch and Chinese. Giovanna is passionate about art, history, culture, sustainability, traveling and EU politics and its relations to the Global South.


Farai Chikwanha was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She studied law at the University of Cape Town, returned home to work in commercial law for a few years, then flew to the opposite end of the world to pursue a LL.M in International Human Rights Law at Lund University. Currently living in Italy, Farai spends her days hoarding books, co-hosting The African Dream podcast, and convincing herself that tomorrow is always the best day to start jogging.