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Community organizing and effective activism, Aufstehn's success story.

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Aufstehn means "Stand up" in English, and the main goal of the organization is to help people manifest their dissent on various issues to their local, national and European elected officials. In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Maria Mayrhofer, founder and executive director of Aufstehn.

The digital-fist organization takes the best of both worlds, and Maria explains why their online presence is fundamental to their in-person demonstrations and how it translates to effective activism.

The hard work Maria has put on working different causes, organizing rallies and informing communities online and offline definitely paid off, not only with effective change, but also with international recognition by the Obama Foundation. Maria is part of the 2022 cohort of Leaders of Europe of the Obama foundation, giving yet another confirmation of the great work Maria and her team at Aufstehn are doing.

We all wonder how to be a good activist. If you are interested in Aufstehn's works and you speak German, you can check out their podcast. The podcast description reads "The podcast for everyone who wants to make a difference. We talk about the topics that many of us are passionate about: climate protection, social justice, feminism, anti-racism and much more" which sums up their multi-issues focus as we have discussed - in English - on our podcast interview. It continues "And together with activists, experts and those affected, we always look at how each one of us can become active".

Maria Mayrhofer poster on Effective Activism podcast episode

Foto: #aufstehn / Andreas Edler

Host of the episode: Luca De Cristofaro

Guest: Maria Mayrhofer, #Aufstehn


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