Risotto zucca e funghi (pumpkin and mushroom Risotto)



Risotto zucca e funghi (pumpkin and mushroom Risotto)


First of all, clean the chanterelle mushrooms with just a little bit of water and with the help of a slightly wet cloth. Cut the biggest mushrooms and leave the rest. I am always a bit lazy and I don’t prepare my own broth.. I usually buy the Knorr vegetable stock and I use one cube of it dissolved in boiling water. (This broth is vegan and gluten free ) 

Cut the pumpkin in small pieces (be careful with the knife, if you feel insecure or uncomfortable with this passage, ask for someone’s help). Put the pieces in a small pot and pour some of the stock. Let it cook for 10 mins or until it becomes tender.

In the meantime you can start with the chanterelle! In a small pan put half of a garlic clove, olive oil, salt and pepper and add the mushrooms. Let it cook on high heat for 10 minutes. 

After this, it’s time for the rice! In a saucepan, pour some olive oil and the finely chopped shallot and let it brown for 2 minutes. After this, add the rice, let it toast for few minutes and blend with the white wine. Let it evaporate. 

From this moment on, set your timer for 18 minutes (I usually set it for this time and then I cook it to taste, al dente of course).

Add some of the vegetable stock, in a way in which it covers the rice (not all of the stock, we are going to use it slowly to cook the rice). Add the chopped pumpkin and continue to cook gradually adding the stock. 10 minutes before the end, add the chanterelle to the rice and leave some of the mushrooms for decoration. 

Once the risotto is properly cooked, switch off the heating, add the butter (or margarine) and the parmesan (if you want) and stir. 

Decorate with the remaining chanterelles.

Enjoy or as we say in Italy "Buon appetito!"

How to make


320 g Riso Carnaroli (the rice makes a huge different so make sure you find this one)

2 l Vegetable broth 

1 shallot

250 g chantarelle mushrooms (or any type of mushrooms)

100 ml white wine 

½ garlic clove

2 spoons olive oil



300g pumpkin

40 g butter (or margarine)

30 g grated Parmigiano Reggiano