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United Citizens of Europe warmingly accepts submissions in the realm of European and international affairs in the broadest sense possible! Although our name represents the epitome of Eurocentrism, we do encourage submissions on postcolonialism, non-Western experiences in Europe (and in the West). Opinion articles, essays, academic papers, and personal stories are welcome, as long as the requirements are taken into account.

We would like to see contributions that depict Europe from various interdisciplinary perspectives and that consider broader definitions of Europe. Therefore, we expect submissions that are not limited to the European Union, nor the concept of Europeanness solely from a white West/Centre European perspective, but also include new generations and “mixed” experiences.


  • Introduce yourself and your story;

  • Be original with your pitch!

  • Attach your 4-5 paragraph pitch in a different document (450 words max) with a title and 5 keywords;

  • Send us original pictures to include in the post (if not possible, let us know);

  • Send us the links to your social media, so that our readers can follow you!

  • Submissions in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and German are accepted, while English is our preferred language.

  • The material should comply with the values of our organization.

For academic papers:

  •  Include at least 5 reliable sources (2 of which must be academic).

How to submit:

Send us your email to:
Write “Article Submission” followed by your name in the subject so that it will be easily identified!


Have something else?

Do you want to be interviewed? Do you have a story to tell?

Read the requirements listed below first:



  • Introduce yourself and, if it is the case, your organization;

  • Tell us why you want to be interviewed (what is the aim of your organization/project, do you have something to promote, etc.) ;

  • Send us a picture of yourself so that we can create a poster to promote the interview;

  • Send us the links to your social media, so that our followers can follow you too!

How to submit:

Email us at , write “Interview” followed by your name or the name of your organization in the subject so that it will be easily identified!

Ask anything, have a chat with us on issues of international affairs and the EU.

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